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New Incubation Process

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New Path for New Games: 20 per cent of working time for development of own ideas

Focus on vibrant online game worlds // Establishment of an incubation team for support // Maintaining investments in existing products ... [read more]

20 Years of CipSoft

Press Release 20 Years of CipSoft
Records, Awards and Events to Celebrate the Jubilee: CipSoft GmbH turns 20, and it is more successful than ever

New sales records every year // Decorated as one of Bavaria's best employers // Grown from a hobby project into a company with a staff of nearly 100 ... [read more]

Result Financial Year 2020

News Result 2020
Another Record Year: CipSoft employees receive profit sharing bonus in the amount of an additional annual salary

Company profit more than doubled // One third more Tibia players // Donations of over 350,000 Euro to help fight coronavirus ... [read more]