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CipSoft Management Reorganisation: Benjamin Zuckerer replaces Ulrich Schlott

Benjamin Zuckerer and company founder Stephan Vogler make up new management // Ulrich Schlott takes over development of new product // General orientation, goals and company policy remain unchanged

Regensburg/Germany, April 24, 2017 | Benjamin Zuckerer is replacing Ulrich Schlott as managing director at CipSoft GmbH, the video game developer from Regensburg announced today. He will henceforth run the company in conjunction with co-founder Stephan Vogler. Vogler will remain chairman of the board. In the past 10 years, Benjamin Zuckerer has acted as product manager for TibiaME, as head of the innovation team and most recently supported CipSoft management as assistant manager. His new position will include looking after im-portant strategic projects. “It’s an exciting time to take responsibility at CipSoft,” the 36 year old says. “I’m looking forward to facing the challenges the next few years pose.”

“Ben is the right person for this position due to his extensive experience in this sector and within the company. He is trusted by all owners,” Ulrich Schlott corroborates. Zuckerers’ predecessor will remain at CipSoft as product manager in charge of the development of a new game. “The idea behind the new product is too interesting to not dedicate myself completely to the project,” Schlott explains his decision to leave management. Corporate management only changes in personnel. Guiding principles such as innovation, fun and independence as well as the com-pany’s general policy and long-term goals remain unaffected.

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