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Reaction to Coronavirus Crisis: CipSoft asks all employees to work from home

Health of employees is top priority // Measures should slow the spread of the virus // Operation of games ensured

Regensburg/Germany, March 18, 2020 | To fight the spread of the Coronavirus and to best protect employees as well as all business partners from infection, all CipSoft employees were switched to working from home last Monday. So far this had not been possible on this scale and on a company-wide level.

"To prevent an overload of the German health system, it is important to avoid as many social contacts as possible in the next days and weeks," says managing director Benjamin Zuckerer. "Unlike companies from other industries, we are in the privileged position to be able to do almost all of our business from home. We therefore want to make a contribution to improving the situation by switching to work from home immediately."

Thanks to the hard work of our in-house technical team, solutions could be installed in a very short time. These allow all employees to access their workplace from home and to efficiently exchange information. This ensures the ongoing operation of all games. In all probability, all planned new and further developments are not seriously hindered.

"Should there still be changes, we will inform our players immediately," says Benjamin Zuckerer. "In times of social distancing and nationwide curfews, our online games can help people not to feel alone. Also for this reason, it was important to us to take all necessary measures as quickly as possible."

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