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Press Release 20 Years of CipSoft

Records, Awards and Events to Celebrate the Jubilee: CipSoft GmbH turns 20, and it is more successful than ever

New sales records every year // Decorated as one of Bavaria's best employers // Grown from a hobby project into a company with a staff of nearly 100

Regensburg/Germany, June 8, 2021 | When Stephan Vogler, Ulrich Schlott, Stephan Payer und Guido Lübke finished university and founded CipSoft GmbH, Tibia was already over four years old. The basic idea – developing an online roleplaying game supported by graphics – is even older and dates back to their school days. When the company was founded on 8th June 2001, no more than 300 players were online in Tibia, and no one could foresee the global victory march of the kind of games that would later be commonly referred to as "MMORPG".
20 years on, Cipsoft has a staff of nearly 100 employees, who generate an annual record turnover of more than 25 million Euros. The former hobby project has grown into one the of the most successful games of its kind, with more than 100.000 users logging in every day. Owing to its carefully maintained independence, CipSoft developed many unique and innovative solutions for the challenges of operating online games, starting with its business model and dealing with issues as diverse as ensuring high-quality connections or fraud management.

Just recently, CipSoft received several awards by the international research and consultancy institute "Great Place to Work", including a decoration for being one of Bavaria's best employers. "Right from the beginning, we made sure to pass on to everybody in the company the creative freedom and the security which we have created for ourselves", says Stephan Vogler, CEO at CipSoft and one of the founders. "There is a reason why the very first employee we hired in 2003 is still with us today." In celebration of the anniversary every employee will receive a full-course meal delivered to their home and they will celebrate together online the whole day long. Various events have been organized for the occasion, including a coffee tasting and a Lego-building activity.

Of course, the appetite to try out new ideas is as strong as ever with CipSoft even after 20 years. Among other things, the company is exploring the boundaries between blockchain technology and gaming. And according to Stephan Vogler, there is another thing that will never change: "In the years to come, our games will continue to bring people together from all over the world."

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