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Commitment to Fighting the Coronavirus: CipSoft donates more than 175.000 Euros

100.000 Euros for Médecins Sans Frontières // Fundraiser in Tibia and Support for Regional Institutions // Record Performance as Obligation for Action

Regensburg/Germany, April 22, 2020 | As a result of the lockdowns that are currently in place in many parts of the world, CipSoft games are doing better than ever before. The number of people playing Tibia has increased by around 70 per cent, which has made March financially the most successful month in more than 23 years of the online role playing game's history. "Our products make it possible for people to meet and share experiences in a virtual world, at least", says Benjamin Zuckerer commenting on this success. "We are, however, aware that many are going through a hard time. This is why we want to give something back."

Over the coming weeks, CipSoft will support various international and regional organisations which are engaged in the fight against the coronavirus. 100.000 Euros will be transferred directly to Médecins Sans Frontières. "This pandemic affects every region in the world and not everybody has sufficient funds at their disposal to deal with the situation. Our games are played in so many different countries, which is why it is important to us to do our part in the global effort against the virus."

On top of this, Tibia players will be able to buy a new mount on which to explore the fantasy world of the game. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the "COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund" of the WHO. A few days into the campaign and CipSoft has already collected more than 75.000 Euros for the cause. Benjamin Zuckerer explains the thinking behind this: "We want to give our fantastic community a chance to be a part of this. After all, it is due to the decades-long loyalty of our players that we are in such a privileged situation." Even before the corona crisis, CipSoft was able report outstanding business results. The record levels of turnover from the previous year were again outperformed in 2019 and rose to more than 15 million Euros - over a million more than in 2018.

The game developer also specifically wants to support local initiatives in their own backyard. For as long as the CipSoft team are working from home, food donations are being organised to support institutions which are providing health and care in Regensburg. For example, a local bakery made 44 cakes for workers at the Bavarian Red Cross. Further beneficiaries include the charitable organisations Caritas, Johanniter and the local university clinic. "In this way we want to provide a little happiness to those who are helping us all on the frontline with a show of appreciation", adds Zuckerer. "It is a bonus that we are also able to support local businesses this way."

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