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CipSoft Video and Screenshot Policy

We encourage you to create videos or screenshots of our games and to publish these videos or screenshots on the Internet, subject to the following conditions:

You may publish these videos or screenshots on your website or on sharing websites, provided that you do not charge users to view or access your videos or screenshots. You also may not sell or license your videos or screenshots for a payment of any kind. However, you are entitled to monetize your videos or screenshots via partner programs on sharing websites.

You may create videos or screenshots about any topic, unless they are insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable. Moreover, you may not violate any rules of the game while creating the videos or screenshots.

You may use any assets from our games, but only to create videos or screenshots that are related to our games. You may not distribute them separately.

You may use our registered trademarks, logos and names only for indicating the origin of the videos or screenshots.

CipSoft reserves the right to modify or revoke this permission at any time.