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Another Record Year: CipSoft employees receive profit sharing bonus in the amount of an additional annual salary

Company profit more than doubled // One third more Tibia players // Donations of over 350,000 Euro to help fight coronavirus

Regensburg/Germany, February 11, 2021 | CipSoft looks back on a year which has been just as challenging as it has been successful. In times in which people are suffering from worldwide restrictions caused by the coronavirus, online games – the domain of the Regensburg developer for two decades – are one of the few ways that allow people to spend time with each other. The annual average number of daily active players of CipSoft's flagship Tibia rose by a third to over 100,000. The turnover even climbed by two thirds. One of the key factors for this success were profits gained from a newly created trading platform which allows players for the first time to safely sell and buy characters among each other.

In total CipSoft generated around 25 million Euro and with that approximately 10 million more than in the previous year. "5 years ago our total annual turnover was just under 10 million Euro. Since then we succeeded in increasing our gains significantly every year, but the erratic increase in 2020 was of course not foreseeable", says Stephan Vogler, one of the company's founders and CEOs.

Since the number of employees and the amount of the expenditure remained broadly constant, the pre-tax profit could be more than doubled and increased by approximately 115% to around 14.5 million Euro. For the employees the outstanding business result pays off in form of a profit sharing bonus for 2020 which equals their annual income. "Of course a rush on Tibia like the one we had at the beginning of the pandemic causes much work. Work that we've been doing from home since March 2020. That was not always easy, so I'm particularly happy about the amount of this year's profit sharing bonus for our team."

In view of the great company figures, it was particularly important for CipSoft to give something back to society last year. In total 200,000 Euro have been donated to Médecins Sans Frontières, UNICEF and Germany's Relief Coalition to support their fight against COVID-19. In addition, more than 165,000 Euro have been collected in a charity campaign in Tibia. The complete proceeds were donated to the World Health Organisation.

Also TibiaME's turnover rose sharply in comparison to the previous year and increased by a good 60 percent. Even before the pandemic, the mobile MMORPG has recorded growing numbers of players. The much-noticed release of the blockchain game LiteBringer, which was nominated for the "Deutscher Entwicklerpreis" ('German Developer Award'), rounded off a memorable year for CipSoft.

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