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News Steam Greenlight

Regensburg, May 20, 2014 — The German video game developer CipSoft presents its title Tibia (1997) on Steam Greenlight. With that the platform will be possibly extended by another classic MMORPG. The game is free of charge and also the download on Steam will be free.

“Since its release, Tibia is and has been constantly developed and marketed. Thus, it’s only a further logical and coherent step for us to put Tibia on one of the most successful online distribution platforms for games and thereby to further increase our reach and audience,” explains Florian Jumah-Eckert, Tibia’s Lead Product Manager at CipSoft.

When CipSoft was founded in 2001, Tibia had already been online for more than four years. With 500,000 active players, Tibia is currently one of the oldest and most successful MMORPGs worldwide. It convinces the community by its retro pixel graphics coupled with unique hardcore PvP action.

“We are very proud of how Tibia has established itself over years in the online games market. In great part, we owe this to our loyal customers. Once again, we hope that we can count on our fans as well as on the support of potential new customers,” continues Jumah-Eckert.

If the release were successful, Steam would be enriched by another iconic online role-playing game. Until then, it is up to CipSoft to collect plenty of votes and to await the next Greenlight evaluation of Valve.