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News Schlott Vogler

Regensburg, June 01, 2013 - After careful consideration, the CipSoft GmbH has decided to reorganise its management structure. By focusing the management on a dual leadership, represented by Stephan Vogler and Ulrich Schlott, the independent developer aims to work more efficiently towards goals.

Stephan Vogler states: "In the past, the internal coordination between the four managing directors was too time-consuming. Therefore, we decided to slim down the management team to only two managing directors from now on. Reducing the overhead in the decision-making process on top level will also enable us to respond to new challenges and opportunities more effectively."

Nevertheless, all four founders will remain equal owners and proprietors of the CipSoft GmbH. Stephan Payer will focus on his tasks as head of the departments organisation and payment. Guido Luebke will no longer be actively involved in the company's daily business. This decision was mainly driven by his desire to pursue a new challenge after having worked as a managing director for more than 11 years.