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Press Release Tibia 25 Years

A quarter of a century of player freedom: The online role playing game Tibia turns 25

One of the world's oldest MMORPGs // Over 32 million players so far and more successful than ever // CipSoft says Thank You with an anniversary video and a big surprise

Regensburg/Germany, January 7, 2022 | Today, game developer CipSoft celebrates the 25th anniversary of Tibia, which went online on January 7 in 1997! This makes the title by the Regensburg company one of the world's oldest online games to be still supported with regular updates. And not only that: Tibia has never been more successful than it is today. Over the last few years, the game has repeatedly produced record-breaking revenues, generating a total of more than 200 million Euros to date.

"The story of Tibia is incredible and a rarity in the games industry", says Stephan Vogler, one of CipSoft's CEOs and founders. "What started as a hobby project has grown into a lasting success story enjoyed by a great many highly dedicated players. I am extremely thankful for the privilege to be part of this story." Ulrich Schlott, CEO and company founder like Vogler, concurs: "Tibia is more successful than ever, and that, among other things, is down to our close cooperation with our community. 25 years on and we still haven't run out of new and exciting content ideas to keep the world of Tibia fresh."

Anniversary video announces big surprise for the community
Today, CipSoft has released a video as a Thank You to the community in which they give a rare peek behind the scenes and also announce a big surprise for Tibia. Needless to say, there will also be all kinds of events and in-game rewards to celebrate the anniversary.

There is another reason for CipSoft to celebrate: The company behind Tibia has been honoured by "Great Place to Work" as one of Bavaria's best employers. CipSoft will continue to focus on creating vibrant online game worlds, and thanks to their new incubation process they feel they have positioned themselves well to succeed. "Now, each and every employee has the opportunity to invest 20 per cent of their working time to put their own ideas for games into practice. With this philosophy we are going back to Tibia's success story: small teams who share a common vision and enjoy the greatest possible freedom to realize it", says Stephan Vogler.

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