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New Path for New Games: 20 per cent of working time for development of own ideas

Focus on vibrant online game worlds // Establishment of an incubation team for support // Maintaining investments in existing products

Regensburg/Germany, August 23, 2021 | From now on, CipSoft employees have the opportunity to use 20 per cent of their working time to realise their own game ideas. Which project someone works on, with whom and how, whether fantasy or sci-fi setting, realistic or comic graphics, casual or a hardcore game, is all up to each employee. The only condition: Living, vibrant online games are to be created. "We are concentrating on what we do best. Tibia's success is also based on the fact that hundreds of players come together. This is what really brings a world to life," explains managing director Stephan Vogler the approach.

Also the path how new games are created follows Tibia's success story and its beginnings as a student project: small teams, whose members connect themselves because they share a common vision and have the greatest possible freedom when it comes to the realisation of their idea. "The management only comes into play when the decision is made if the idea becomes an official product development of CipSoft. If this is the case, the original core team remains and takes over the lead of the development. Over and above CipSoft's usual profit share, the team's members can receive a share on the game's subsequent revenue."

The newly established incubation team, led by Matthias Rudy, will assist all new game developments as permanent contact, organise in-house presentations and discussion groups, host game jams or provide software. "It's all about exchanging ideas about game development and to inspire each other," says Rudy.

The new direction has no effects on already published games or prototypes that are currently being tested and do not meet the criteria of a living, vibrant online game world. It will be invested in the development of these games as planned. "We see the new direction as a long-term process. For this reason, there won't be any short-term changes," assures Stephan Vogler.

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