CipSoft GmbH is an independent developer and operator of online games for various platforms. Our portfolio includes the MMORPG Tibia which ranks among Europe's most successful online games, and TibiaME, the first online role-playing game for mobile phones. LiteBringer, is the first game that fully operates on the Litecoin blockchain.
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Cooperation with BattlEye Innovations


March 21, 2017 – Starting today the anti-cheat solution by Tübingen based BattlEye Innovations' is a part of the Tibia Client. Running in the background, BattlEye acts as a protective shield which prevents the use of cheats ingame. Data will be collected and analysed during the initial testing phase. BattlEye will be activated as soon as it has been verified that the technical integration is running as intended. It will then serve as another pillar in our tireless fight against cheating ingame.

Infographic for Tibia's Anniversary


January 10, 2017 – By now, there are 1024 rentable houses in the fantasy world of Tibia and thus 30 times as many as office rooms in CipSoft's headquarters in Regensburg. Further interesting facts about the game can be found on the infographic, which has been created on the occasion of Tibia’s 20th anniversary.

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January 7, 2017 – 20 years to the day ago, version 1.0 and with that the first public Tibia server went online. Three days later the first player was spotted by the developers. Since then about 30 million accounts have been created by players from more than 200 different countries. These facts make Tibia one of the most successful and oldest MMORPGs in the world.

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Tibia Update


December 7, 2016 – When it comes to content, the just released Tibia update focuses on the lost knowledge of a vanished culture. After solving some quests and fighting some new boss monsters, players can use this knowledge to enhance weapons and equipment with temporary effects. A further new gameplay mechanic grants players a temporary bonus when hunting certain monsters. A detailed description of all changes can be found on the Tibia website, which has also undergone some improvements.


September 14, 2016 – After extensive beta testing, Tibia 11 has been released today. The newest version of the stand-alone client comes along with a launcher to install and update the client more conveniently. What is more, custom key bindings, one of the most popular features of the Flash client, were implemented. This became possible because Tibia 11 is a completely new development from a technical point of view.

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