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News Management 2021

July 16, 2021 – After four years in product development and the subsequent release of the blockchain game LiteBringer, company founder Ulrich Schlott takes over as Chairman of the Board of CipSoft. The Regensburg native thus returns to work alongside Stephan Vogler, with whom he had already led the company until 2017.

"The time as productive executive was very exciting for me. We successfully placed an innovative game on a promising market. I'm very proud of everyone involved and I know that LiteBringer is in the best hands," summarises Ulrich Schlott. "Much of what I've learned in the last years will be very helpful when working with the different teams at CipSoft."

Benjamin Zuckerer remains part of the now three-member management team. He will continue to represent CipSoft externally, among others in and towards various associations of the games industry. However, he will withdraw from the day-to-day business for the most part to focus on the development of a new game.

CipSoft's new management: Stephan Vogler, Benjamin Zuckerer and Ulrich Schlott (pictured left to right)