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LiteBringer is one of the first true blockchain games and the first game that fully operates on the Litecoin blockchain. Its decentralized architecture gives players a freedom and security that is unheard of in online gaming. LiteBringer was nominated for the innovation award for the "Deutscher Entwicklerpreis".


LiteBringer is a mix of trading simulation and idle game with RPG elements. Players level up a fighter, rogue or sorcerer in the imaginative fantasy world of Asirenia and eventually promote them to an advanced class that is even more powerful.

By choosing the most suitable equipment and specializing a hero in a specific way, players can tackle increasingly difficult quests, defeat powerful bosses and gather valuable loot.

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The absence of a central server makes for a unique multiplayer experience which is giving players unprecedented control over the game and its economy.

Every move in the game is a transaction on the Litecoin blockchain. All weapons, resources and even characters are stored on the blockchain and can be transferred safely between players.

The further development of LiteBringer was discontinued in March of 2022. As the game runs independently of its creators, it is still playable and can be experienced without trading fees and the need for a subscription since the final update.