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CipSoft is an independent developer and operator of online games. The company is based in Regensburg. It was created following the success of Tibia, a game which has been online since 1997 and is one of the first MMORPGs ever created. With TibiaME, CipSoft also developed the first online role-playing game for mobile phones. LiteBringer is the first game ever that fully operates on the Litecoin blockchain.
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Tibia Update out now

News Tibia Summer Update 2021

July 12, 2021Tibia's summer update is here, and with it come new features and content. Players are challenged to explore the ancient ruins of Nuur which lie below the sands of Kilmaresh. A threatening world boss needs to be brought down. The Tibiadrome is replacing the old PvE arena and is challenging even the most seasoned players. The items of this update come with several new item modifiers which are being introduced to give equipment more variety. And there's a lot more of course. Luckily, there's also a detailed post about the update on

News LiteBringer Update

June 24, 2021LiteBringer, the blockchain game nominated for the "German Developer Award" in the Innovation category after its release in September last year, has just received its biggest update yet. Players of CipSoft's original mix of trading, idle and role-playing game can explore a whole new island with never-seen-before bosses.

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CipSoft GmbH turns 20 and is one of Bavaria's best employers

News 20 Years of CipSoft

June 8, 2021 – When Stephan Vogler, Ulrich Schlott, Stephan Payer und Guido Lübke founded CipSoft GmbH exactly 20 years ago, no more than 300 players were online in Tibia. Today, Cipsoft has a staff of nearly 100 employees, who generate an annual record turnover of more than 25 million Euros. Quite fittingly for an anniversary, CipSoft received several awards by the international research and consultancy institute "Great Place to Work", including a decoration for being one of Bavaria's best employers. See the press release for the anniversary to find out how CipSoft celebrates today.

New prototype NFT Boss Battles out now

News Prototype NFT Boss Battles

May 10, 2021 – CipSoft's innovation team has released a new prototype. NFT Boss Battles is a cooperative gaming experience on the Binance Smart Chain with fast and cheap transactions. Players collect and level-up heroes and send them into joint battles against powerful bosses. Every hero is unique and implemented as a non-fungible token that can be freely traded for Binance Coin. The game can be played directly in a web browser, on NFT Boss Battles marks CipSoft's second foray into the blockchain gaming space, following the successful release of LiteBringer in 2020.

CipSoft Is Looking Back on a Further Record Year

News CipSoft Record Year

February 11, 2021 – Thanks to the increasing number of players, CipSoft was able to top once more the excellent business results of previous years. In 2020 the company generated 25 million Euro in total, around 10 million more than in 2019. The pre-tax profit could be more than doubled and increased by approximately 115% to around 14.5 million Euro. Since CipSoft's employees participate in the company's success through a profit sharing model, they will receive an additional annual salary for 2020. The entire review is available here as a press release.