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May 7, 2024 – At a time when waves of redundancies and studio closures dominate the global headlines in the games industry, the number of employees at CipSoft has reached an all-time high. In May 2024, 100 employees are working at the Regensburg game developer, which plans to grow even further in the coming months. The recently finalised annual financial statements for the past year also set a new record.

2023 is the year with the highest pre-tax profit in CipSoft's history. Compared to the previous year, earnings increased by 21.8 percent to 14.5 million euros. Turnover increased by 11.3 percent and amounted to 24.5 million euros. As CipSoft employees share in the company's success, they receive a bonus of more than 85 percent of their annual salary, equivalent to more than ten additional monthly salaries.

"The bad news that has recently reached us from many friendly development studios makes it difficult to celebrate our excellent figures as we did in previous years," says CEO and company founder Stephan Vogler, describing his emotional state. "We are lucky to operate Tibia, a live-service game that is backed by a very loyal community, but in which we have also invested in the right places over the past few years. For example, the core team of the game has been expanded by almost a third. This allows us to cope comparatively well with the current challenges in the industry."

In addition to maintaining existing products, CipSoft will continue to work on the development of new games and services in 2024.