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June 3, 2024 – The genre pioneers from CipSoft, who published one of the first massively multiplayer online role-playing games ever with Tibia, present their first MMORPG for PC since 1997: Persist Online. Instead of casting spells on orcs, players in Persist Online must resist zombies using firearms and melee weapons.

At its core, Persist Online is a true old-school MMORPG: hundreds of players together on one server with the greatest possible freedom. In the struggle for survival in the post-apocalyptic open world, every additional ally might be an advantage, but on the way back to the safety of the bunker, every player encounter will leave you fearing for your loot.

Persist Online will be released for Windows, macOS, and Linux via Steam and can now be added to your wishlist. A release date has not yet been set. Persist Online will initially be playable as Early Access. Further information about the game can be found in the press release published today and at If you don't want to miss any updates or opportunities to participate in playtests, you can join the official Discord and subscribe to the newsletter.