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June 27, 2024 – A few hours ago, the first Gamescom in Latin America was launched in São Paulo, complete with a live moderated trailer show, just like in Germany. CipSoft's recently announced new MMORPG, Persist Online, was featured with a new trailer that combines CGI scenes from the beginning of the game with pre-alpha gameplay and also offers a first glimpse of the skill system.

Afterwards, CipSoft's managing directors Benjamin Zuckerer and Stephan Vogler were interviewed by host Tiago Leifert, where they discussed the similarities between Persist Online and Tibia as well as CipSoft's long-standing connection with Brazil. A recording of the opening show is available on IGN's YouTube channel. On Saturday at 17:20 local time, Ben and Steve will be live at Gamescom again, participating in a one-hour panel titled "Tibia - Uniting Adventurers Since 1997".

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