CipSoft GmbH is an independent developer and operator of online games for various platforms. Our portfolio includes the MMORPG Tibia which ranks among Europe's most successful online games, and TibiaME, the first online role-playing game for mobile phones. Panzer League, our latest game, is the first mobile multiplayer online battle arena for tanks.
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December 13, 2019 – On Wednesday evening this week the "Deutscher Entwicklerpreis", which is annually awarded to honour the best computer games made in German-speaking countries, was presented in Cologne. The award for the newly-created category "Dauerbrenner" ('Long Runner') was given to Tibia. "Not only was the title innovative at the time of its release in 1997 – it has kept re-inventing itself on a regular basis ever since", the jury of experts said in their statement.

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Winter Update 2019


December 2, 2019 – Tibia's yearly winter update has been released today. The new questline "Feaster of Souls" explores the spirit world of Tibia. It offers boss fights with exciting mechanics, new hunting grounds and new equipment, among other things. The update also brings a number of new features. The Party Hunt Analyser will allow everyone in a hunting party to track important information about the current session. The new and improved character selection screen allows players to enter the game world with the press of a button. For more on the update, please visit

Tibia: Change in Management


September 20, 2019 – In August this year, Sebastian Wodarski took over the position as Tibia's Lead Product Manager from Martin Eglseder, who as from now will directly support the management of the company as assistant manager. After nine years of working with CipSoft Sebastian, the former leader of the test team, is looking at his new area of work with optimism: "I'm looking forward to taking on this huge challenge, and I am hoping to lead Tibia to continued success." Whenever he feels the need to recharge his batteries for the challenges ahead, Sebastian is taking his Harley-Davidson for a spin.

Tibia Update Released


July 30, 2019 – This year's summer update added the miraculous peninsula of Kilmaresh to Tibia, home to a plethora of exotic creatures like manticores, sphynxes and gryphons. The new friend system gives players the option to search for friends, invite them or group them. The Tibia team also implemented a search function to the depot, gave players better control over their game windows messages and reduced message clutter in general, among other things. For more information on all the new content and features please visit Tibia's official website.

CipSoft joins Games Bavaria Munich


July 23, 2019 – Cipsoft is the most recent member of "Games Bavaria Munich e.V.", an organization which represents the common interests of Bavarian companies in the games industry vis-á-vis politics, business and society. "We've been developing games that bring people together from all over the world since the mid-90s. As a company which is deeply rooted in Regensburg networking within Bavaria is just as important to us, which is why becoming a member of the GBM was a logical step for us", says managing director Stephan Vogler.