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CipSoft consists of a team of almost a 100 employees. Three of the four company founders are still actively involved in the shaping of the company. Since all areas of developing and operating the game is done in-house, the tasks in all departments are varied and diverse.
CipSoft Team Structure
By far CipSoft's largest team works on Tibia and consists mainly of programmers. They develop client- and server programs for example or create tools for game design and player management.

As with all our games, the Tibia team is also supplemented by game and content designers as well as the product management. While the game designers develop new game ideas and mechanics and fine-tune the balancing, the content designers are responsible for the development of all game content and the creation of a living world.

The innovation team also employs programmers and game designers who are organised into small cells that continually work on new game ideas..
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CipSoft Company Outing
In addition to the product and development teams, there are other departments that are not assigned to a specific game, but work for the entire company and, for example, ensure the ongoing operation of the games.

The graphics department designs everything from first concept arts to finished 2D sprites or 3D models. The community management communicates with and advises our players of relevant news and updates, and they also collect information for the product management team.

There are also in-house departments for customer support by email or directly in the games, payment processing as well for testing games or software components. The system administrators keep the global servers as well as the office infrastructure up and running.
Benjamin Zuckerer

Benjamin Zuckerer

A Regensburg native, he has worked in several positions at CipSoft since February 2007. Since April 2017, he is managing director at CipSoft. In this position, he is in charge of several important strategic projects among other things. If he is not playing board and computer games in his spare time, he likes to go mountaineering. His favourite game is UFO: Enemy Unknown.

Stephan Vogler

Stephan Vogler

Being the Chairman of the Board, the Regensburg native was born in 1976 and is the official representative of the company. He has a degree in commercial information technology from Regensburg University. Stephan Vogler is an enthusiastic skier, loves travelling to far-away countries, contemporary art and computer games. His all-time favourite game is Tetris.