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We develop vibrant online game worlds. Our online games connect people from all over the world every day. They give players room to experience their own adventures and to interact with hundreds of fellow players. This way games turn into living, vibrant worlds that we constantly develop further with our decades of experience and that fascinate over and over again.


Fun is what we want our games to be all about. For our customers, the fun of playing them. For ourselves, the fun of developing and operating them.

Sustainable Success

We want CipSoft to be here to stay. We prefer long-term success and sustainable growth to short-term profit and rapid expansion.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers' satisfaction and excitement are the prerequisites of our success. For this reason we strive to meet or even exceed our customers' expectations.

Achievement and Dedication

Each and every one makes a difference. Every team member is conscious of their responsibility for the company's success. As a result, individual initiative, diligence and efficiency determine our day-to-day work.

CipSoft Guidelines Fun
CipSoft Guidelines Independence


We are constantly evolving. Curiosity and openness towards new approaches, the search for innovations and constant learning are part of our everyday life.

Staff Satisfaction

Only those who feel good can do good work. This is why we take the needs of our colleagues into consideration. Stimulating tasks and agreeable work conditions are just as important as a carefully calibrated work-life balance.


Our word can be relied on. Fairness, honesty and transparency determine the way we treat colleagues, customers, business partners and society as a whole.

Amicable Atmosphere

We put emphasis on the cordial and informal atmosphere between our colleagues. For us, mutual esteem, compassion and a willingness to help are matters of course.


We all are CipSoft. Our work together is based on mutual trust and the shared responsibility for our company and its products.


CipSoft is and always will be independent - not only as a way of thinking, but also as an organisation. We and only we decide which aims we want to achieve and how we will get there. This is why CipSoft is directed by its proprietors.

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