The CipSoft team consists of a total of 89 staff members that are working in eleven departments. To this day three of the four original founders play an active part in the company.



The programmers develop the client and server software. They also work on the various websites and create tools for the development and management of the games.

Game Design

Our game designers conceive and tweak game mechanics and ideas. They also balance the game and constantly work at improving the game experience.

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Content Design

Content design spans the entire development of game content: starting with a first idea, establishing the synergy of stories and mechanics right up to building a living world.


Our graphic artists develop concept art and fill drafts with life by creating graphic assets ranging from 2D sprites to full 3D models.

Community Management

Our community management informs our players about latest developments and collects valuable information for the product management and marketing.


The support department focuses on customer service, supplying support via e-mail, website boards and also ingame.


Our testers do not only check and rate the products but also check custom-made software components which are needed for their operation.

Payment System

The payment system team is in charge of payment handling for all products. Our custom-built payment system supports a wide range of different payment methods..

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The marketing department manages public relations, advertising and distribution. Furthermore it provides advisory support to the other teams.

System Administration

The system administrators look after our servers in the computer centres and are responsible for the maintenance of the office's infrastructure.


This team ensures that the company runs smoothly. It tends to the office, finances, staff and legal matters.

Managing Directors


Benjamin Zuckerer

A Regensburg native, he has worked in several positions at CipSoft since February 2007. Since April 2017, he is managing director at CipSoft. In this position, he is in charge of several important strategic projects among other things. If he is not playing board and computer games in his spare time, he likes to go mountaineering. His favourite game is UFO: Enemy Unknown.

Stephan Vogler

Being the Chairman of the Board, the Regensburg native was born in 1976 and is the official representative of the company. He has a degree in commercial information technology from Regensburg University. Stephan Vogler is an enthusiastic skier, loves travelling to far-away countries, contemporary art and computer games. His all-time favourite game is Tetris.