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TibiaME is a veteran of mobile gaming and the first MMORPG for mobile devices which can be played on all established platforms. Since 2003 more than 10 million users have registered and a loyal community of players from all over the world has emerged – particularly in Southeast Asia and South America.


TibiaME is one of the first classical MMORPGs providing an unlimited level system, easy controls and yet challenging quests and boss fights.

It is entirely up to the player to choose whether he follows the story, with more than a 200 quests, explores the various islands, climbs to the top of the highscore list or takes part in one of the many events. TibiaME offers gaming fun for hundreds of hours in worlds that are populated with other players.

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Game Info

TibiaME is available in all market-leading App Stores and runs on all common mobile phones and tablets.

If you want to try out the game on the desktop, you can also play it directly in the web browser or download the app from the Microsoft Store.

TibiaME can be played free of charge for as long as you want. By purchasing a Premium account, players can accelerate their progress in the game and use additional content and features. Alternatively, these advantages can also be directly unlocked by using the secondary currency Platinum.