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May 12, 2023 – Exactly twenty years ago today, CipSoft released the online role-playing game TibiaME. It is therefore the oldest MMORPG for mobile devices that is still being successfully developed. Until now, more than ten million users worldwide have registered to explore the game's numerous islands together. The development of TibiaME started on Java mobile phones with monochrome displays and at a time when the cost of mobile internet was almost unaffordable. Since then, the game has been available for nearly every mobile platform that existed.

"We just bet that the market would continue to evolve. Smartphones with touch displays or apps weren't even talked about back then," said Ulrich Schlott, one of CipSoft's founders and managing directors. "Experiencing the emergence of the mobile gaming market first-hand through the eyes of our own game was not only extremely exciting but also a great challenge. We are really proud that TibiaME still fascinates players all over the world."

For the anniversary it's easier than ever to experience all the quests, bosses and secrets of the last twenty years: TibiaME not only has a new user interface, but the starting area of the game has also been completely redesigned. One of the islands can be visited in its classic look of the early days and offers daily exciting tasks and unique rewards. The community can also take on the creators of the game in battle, who appear as bosses in TibiaME – and have of course long since swapped their Java mobile phones for smartphones.

TibiaME 20 Years Artwork