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Breaking the Chains of Online Gaming: CipSoft presents LiteBringer, a blockchain game running on Litecoin

The first true Litecoin game // Trading simulation and idle game with RPG elements // An immortal game where the players have all the power

Regensburg/Germany, September 15, 2020 | CipSoft has released LiteBringer, a game that fully operates on the Litecoin blockchain. The absence of a central server makes for a unique multiplayer experience that's raising player control to a new level. Players have unprecedented power over the game and its economy. It's they who are the true owners of their accounts and achievements.

"The blockchain has the potential to revolutionize gaming", says Ulrich Schlott, lead product manager of the game and one of the founders of CipSoft. "We haven't been this excited about a project since our first game went online in 1997." Like Tibia, LiteBringer is one of the first of its kind. "One of the pioneers of online gaming taking the next step and developing the first true Litecoin game is great to see", remarks Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin.

LiteBringer lets players level up fantasy characters like knights and sorcerers, send them on increasingly difficult quests and gather loot. All weapons, resources and even characters are stored on the blockchain and can be transferred safely and directly between players. Every move in the game is a transaction on the Litecoin blockchain that creates value. LiteBringer may seem like an idle game with RPG elements at a glance but at heart is a complex trading simulation. Make smart investments and the game literally lives up to its name and brings you Litecoins.

"If running an MMORPG for more than 20 years has taught us anything, it's this: It's the players who make any online game work. That's why giving all the power to the players with LiteBringer feels so thrilling." The unapologetic use of the blockchain and its decentralized architecture gives players a freedom and security that's unheard of in online gaming.

Ultimately, LiteBringer runs independently of its creators and will exist as long as there is a single miner in the network. "If anyone can handle an immortal game, it's us", laughs Ulrich Schlott. "CipSoft's slogan isn't 'Infinite Entertainment' for nothing."


  • Get an overview of the game by watching the launch trailer:
  • Download LiteBringer from the game's official website:
  • Learn all the basics by watching the how-to-play video:
  • Play with a discount of 90 percent and the opportunity to get free Lites.

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