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April 4, 2023 – The release of 2022's annual financial report made it clear: CipSoft's record earnings from recent years were no exceptions, but part of a sustainable, positive development. Three times in row now the Regensburg-based game developer has reported revenues in excess of 20 million euros, making the last couple of years by far the most successful in the company's history. In 2022, CipSoft generated total revenues of 22.057 million euros. Consequently, CipSoft's employees receive a share in profits amounting to more than nine additional monthly salaries each.

"Year after year, CipSoft passes on a quarter of the company's profits to its employees as a bonus payment. We are very happy that all of our colleagues benefit from yet another extraordinarily successful year," says CEO Stephan Vogler. "Yet, working with CipSoft means more than financial benefits. We have made it our aim to offer exemplary conditions in every area."

CipSoft's "extraordinarily attractive and benefical working conditions" have also recently been highlighted by Great Place to Work again: Just as in 2021, CipSoft has been decorated by the international research and consulting institute as one of the information and communication technology sector's top employers. Moreover, just last week CipSoft was decorated with Regensburg's Margarete-Runtinger price. For more than 30 years, this price is annually awarded by a jury of experts to companies which "implement and further develop equal chances between male and female employees as well as the balancing of work and family life."