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News Tibia Sound

September 27, 2022 – After 25 years without sound, Tibia players are finally able to hear the world they know by heart. As of today, sound effects and music have been added to the game. To get a first impression, you can now listen to Tibia's main theme on YouTube. The anthem of Tibia was created in cooperation with Dynamedion and combines 8-bit sounds with classical instruments of a real orchestra.

There are 20 more original compositions in the game, so-called "signature tracks", each of them a musical representation of a particular area in Tibia. The sound team's main goal was to give the players an experience worthy of their passion and dedication, while representing more than 25 years of game content and continuous development.

In addition to the music, there are distinct sounds for weapons and spells, for eating food and drinking, for user interface actions and many more. A lot of effort was also put into creating atmospheric ambient streams which string together sounds that represent the area around a player.

The experienced team of programmers and game content designers from Tibia opted for a mature soundscape and a realistic approach to how the world should sound. They are confident they have found the right tone to combine their vision of Tibia with the ideas and imagination of the game's loyal community. Nevertheless, players have various options to customise their own sound experience, to decide which sounds they want to hear and which they might want to mute.

For an in-depth article on how the developers went about adding sound to the game, head on over to And while you're there, play Tibia and experience it all for yourself!