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News Tibia 20 Years

January 7, 2017 – 20 years to the day ago, version 1.0 and with that the first public Tibia server went online. Three days later the first player was spotted by the developers. Since then about 30 million accounts have been created by players from more than 200 different countries. These facts make Tibia one of the most successful and oldest MMORPGs in the world.

"Tibia is a unique success story," says Ulrich Schlott, one of the CEOs and founders of CipSoft. "I am happy and thankful that our student project from 1997 developed to a long-term favourite MMO with the help of our awesome team, but first and foremost of our dedicated players."

These players can look forward to countless ingame events in the next weeks. For example, CipSoft members will appear in the game as monsters and challenge the players to a fight. An overview of all activities can be found on

On the occasion of the anniversary, a video has been released on CipSoft's YouTube channel. It shows the development of Tibia's world map over the last 20 years.