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Panzer League is the first mobile multiplayer online battle arena for tanks. The game is based on the success of a prototype developed in 2014. Panzer League was released worldwide for iOS and Android in November 2018.


Panzer League combines the deep gameplay of MOBAs with action-packed 5 to 10 minute matches optimized for mobile devices.

Two three-player teams are set against each other in a science fiction scenario to claim victory on the battlefield and to improve their mighty war machines. In order to prevail, they must choose the right strategy to destroy their opponents' defense systems.

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Game Info

Initially, there are 18 unique tanks from 4 different classes to choose from. Each of these tanks features different abilities and can be further adapted using numerous upgrades to suit individual playstyles.

As with our other games, Panzer League can be played for free indefinitely, making use of CipSoft's long-standing experience both with free to play models and with online multiplayer games.


Nomination in the category 'Best Mobile / Tablets' at the Game Connection Europe 2017 Development Awards in Paris.

Nomination for 'Best Mobile Game' at the Global Mobile Awards 2018 in Barcelona.

Nomination for the 14th International Mobile Gaming Awards Global in San Francisco.

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