CipSoft GmbH was founded in June 2001 by Guido Lübke, Stephan Payer, Ulrich Schlott and Stephan Vogler. However, the development of Tibia, our first product, started much earlier. In fact, it was developed as a hobby project at a time when we still operated under the name of CIP Productions. Nevertheless, thanks to a thoughtful, gradual development, a large fan community and to our experience of many years we managed to work profitably from the start.
The idea to create an online role playing game was born in the autumn of 1995. In contrast to text-based multi user dungeons, which were common in those days, Tibia was to have a graphical user interface which would give players a better idea of the world in which they live.

On January 1997, we were ready to launch a permanent public server. The game has been continually improved ever since and the number of players has never ceased growing, owing, among other things, to the support it received by its many different fansites.

In 2001, Premium Accounts were introduced, which quickly turned into the company's main source of earnings. Thanks to sustainable growth, Tibia is until today one of the largest online role playing games in Europe.
Tibia History
TibiaME History
In January 2002 we started to conquer a new platform by porting the successful idea of online roleplaying games to mobile phones using Symbian operating systems. This makes TibiaME the first mobile online role playing game ever.

In May 2003 the game was started after it was presented at the annual computer trade show CeBit in Hannover. By now, TibiaME is available all over the world for any user of a mobile phone service. Also, due to a successful porting the game can be played on most Java-based mobile phones and on all established smartphones.

CipSoft will continue to focus its development activities on online gaming. In line with this policy Panzer League, the first mobile multiplayer online battle arena for tanks, was released worldwide in November 2018.