About 135,000 people live in Regensburg, making it the fourth largest town in Bavaria as well as the capital of Upper Palatinate. It boasts a university as well as modern, technologically orientated infrastructure, offering unique work and leisure conditions against the imposing background of nearly 2000 years of history. Consequently, Regensburg's Old Town has been officially acknowledged as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2006.

The foundation of a university and a university of applied sciences in the 1970's rapidly brought about an economic boom. Many large companies set up branches in Regensburg, including Siemens/Infineon, BMW and Toshiba, in order to profit from the region's excellent workforce potential.
Regensburg boasts Germany's second largest employment concentration, with 720 jobs per 1000 inhabitants. Regensburg's rate of unemployment is below the Bavarian average.

A further positive effect of Regensburg's universities is the large number of students, which is very high when compared to the town's relative size. This accounts for the fact that Regensburg has a distinctly youthful flair despite its age. Thus, there are many students' bars and clubs in addition to the traditional restaurants and cafés. Furthermore, the area surrounding Regensburg offers many additional leisure opportunities. The well-known “Donauradweg” is ideal for a bicycle tour. The Bavarian Forest, Munich, Nuremberg and the Alps are further regional attractions that are within easy reach.
CipSoft has its office in the former EON-building at the western fringe of the old town. The so-called Parkside Offices are next to the lovely city park, which is wonderful for relaxing in a non-working time.

The amazing atrium and the modern interior is worth a look. The gorgeous atmosphere provides the ideal background for our creative work.

The city of Regensburg provides for further information the brochure Lifestyle.Research.Employment: [PDF]
Parkside Offices